Aeromagnetic Surveys

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A1001 Albion-Scipio Fault Trend (IN, MI, OH!)
A1002 Arizona-New Mexico
A1003 Bakken Play, ND)
A1004 Battle Mountain Survey, (NV)
A1005 Big Horn Basin, (MT, WY)
A1006 Black Warrior Basin, (MS)
A1007 Burke County, (ND)
A1008 Central Michigan
A1010 Crescent Valley - Shoshone Range, (NV)
A1012 East-Central New York
A1013 East Texas Embayment, (TX)
A1014 Eastern Arkoma Basin, (AR)
A1015 Eastern Great Basin (NV)
A1016 Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho
A1017 Ellenburger Trend, Strawn Basin, (TX)
A1018 Getchell Survey, (NV)
A1019 Hardeman Basin Survey, (TX)
A1021 Lustre-Tule Creek Fields Area, (MT)
A1022 Michigan Upper Peninsula
A1023 North-Central Nevada Survey, (NV)
A1024 North-Central Pennsylvania
A1025 Northeast Nevada
A1026 Northern DJ Basin, (NE)
A1027 Northern Green River Basin, (WY)
A1028 Northern Hugoton Embayment, (KS)
A1029 Northwest Nevada
A1030 Northwest New York State
A1031 Oklahoma-Kansas
A1033 Paradox Basin, (CO, UT)
A1034 Pecos and Terrell Counties, (TX)
A1035 Piceance-Axial Basins, (CO)
A1037 Powder River Basin, (WY)
A1038 Republic and Toroda Creek Grabens, (WA)
A1039 Rio Grande Embayment, (TX)
A1040 Roberts Mountains Survey, (NV)
A1041 Rome Trough, (WV)
A1042 Rough Creek Graben, (KY)
A1043 Serpentine Plug Play, (TX)
A1044 Sheridan County, (MT)
A1045 South-Central New York
A1046 Southeast Carlin Trend Survey, (NV)
A1047 Southeastern Colorado
A1048 Texas-Oklahoma Panhandles
A1049 Uinta Basin, (UT)
A1050 Walker Lane (NV, UT)
A1051 Washakie - Red Desert Basins and Rock Springs
A1052 Waulsortian Mound Study, (ND)
A1053 West-Central Ohio, Area A
A1054 West-Central Ohio, Area B
A1055 West-Central Ohio, Area C
A1056 Wichita Uplift Survey, (TX)
A1057 Wind River Basin, (WY)